My First Banana & Vanilla Cupcake Baking Box

My First Banana & Vanilla Cupcake Baking Box

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With the help of your new Baking Buddies, Sam & Trisha you can make these yummy Banana cupcakes. Affordable Kids Baking Kits We are committed to providing affordable baking kits so free online baking courses and step by step guides for everyone. 

Our baking boxes have everything your kids needs to make our yummy bakes and In your box, you will find:

  • Bag of Banana Cupcake Mix – Made with Real Banana
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Prue Rapeseed Oil (makes super moist cupcakes)
  • Tub of Banana Frosting
  • Special Surprise Baker's kit
  • Recipe Cards
  • 2 piping bags & Nozzle
  • Decorating Sprinkles
  • 15 mini cup cases 

This Kid's sized Baking box encourages positive mindful baking and also teaches the great core life skill of Baking. Here at Britain Loves Baking we are so excited to launch this new collection of children's baking boxes, we believe in encouraging learning by doing, making a bit of a mess, and most importantly fun.

We have specially created easy to follow child-friendly recipes so that you can see the pride in your child's face when they master this recipe for themselves. This box contains all the dry ingredients needed to bake your Banana cupcakes, we have even included a little baking accessory gift for your little one to make the unboxing even more fun. We can not wait to see what your little ones create, why not share your bakes with us on social. You never know they could be crowned as one of our next Junior Top Baker.