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About us page our baking boxes and our founder Greg WIxted
Ireland Loves Baking is the new home of family baking. Whether you’ve recently discovered the joys of baking or are an accomplished baker looking for new ideas for baking, we provide all the ambient and dry ingredients that you need to create the perfect sweet treats or yummy bread in one baking box. Our baking boxes are delivered direct to your door,. We are part of the Britain Loves Baking family and the recently acquired The Bakers Bundle offer amazing Bakeware and Baking Activity boxes at amazing prices as curated selection are now available to our irish customers .

Ireland  Loves Baking takes all the fuss out of finding that perfect bread or cake recipe – and then the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients. We offer a selection of baking boxes created by our very own Baking Brothers ranging from a ‘3 Recipe Tasting Box’ – ideal for those new to baking, to a chocalicious ‘Chocolate Taster Box’ crammed full of indulgent chocolate bakes. All our ingredients are of the very finest quality and the recipe instructions are easy to follow. So you don’t need to worry if you can’t tell the difference between folding, mixing and creaming!  

From cookies to muffins to our utterly delicious Orange Chocolate bread, our range of specially created, tried and tested recipes, will help you to learn new baking skills whilst making mouth-watering goodies. We are regularly bringing out new recipes for you to enjoy and with the prices of our baking boxes starting at only £8., there has never been a better time to indulge your passion for baking. After all, nothing is quite so special as homemade baking created with love to impress friends and family.


As the Covid 19 global pandemic took hold, and with increased time at home for all the family, baking has once again taken centre stage in UK family life. Britain Loves Baking is an innovative response to these changed circumstances. It allows consumers to access hard to get ingredients and baking inspiration straight to their doors and is well known as the home of family baking. Bakers including many celebrity customers, have enjoyed the company’s baking boxes during previous lockdowns. 


Mark & Andy with their brother founded Local Food and More, Schools & Co along with Wixted Catering and Innovation an event based catering company with a  food innovation consultancy offering which has become one of the fastest growing food businesses in the Northern Territory region from School Catering, Retail Brands to Film & TV to the largest public event caters.

Greg WixtedSibling to Andy and Mark, Greg has advised and worked for some of the biggest food brands on the planet. He is one of the co-founders of Xpert Innovation with offices in London and the Middle East. Greg has a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, agile thinking, innovation and venturing and knows what it takes to bring products to the global stage. like his brothers, he’s a trained baker and chef and opened his first restaurant at the age of 23. Greg leads a growing portfolio of food start-ups and he is also co-professor at the University of North Carolina teaching undergraduate entrepreneurship at their London campus.