Summer baking that's perfect for taking on a picnic

As the days grow hotter and summer quickly approaches, picnics are a warm-weather treat for all the family. The only thing better than sprawling on the grass and enjoying a freshly baked delicacy as you enjoy the sun is the fun you can have whilst baking that delicacy yourself.

From sandwiches to cupcakes, here are the three of the best treats to home-bake in preparation for your picnic:

Sandwiches are a staple of the British picnic basket, but they taste even more delicious when you spread your fillings over fresh, home-baked slices of bread. Using a a small home baking kit makes bread-making an easy, fun process, even if you've never tried it before.

Kids will love to get involved with trying out a bread recipe and you can even help them experiment with new and different flavours such as chocolate orange bread perfect for using in sweet sandwiches or simply as a treat on its own!

Biscuits are perfectly suited to taking with you on a picnic and will add a substantial dash of sweetness to your day out. Whether you're an experienced baker or if you've never tried baking biscuits before using a biscuit baking box can really make it easier for you to try out some delicious recipes that will please the whole family.

You can bake to impress with little gems such as delectable chocolate snickerdoodles, mouthwatering cranberry sultana and oat cookies and some unique tropical shortbread. The only problem is that it will be difficult to resist taking a bite of them before they reach your picnic hamper.

Baking and decorating cupcakes is just as much fun as eating them! They're a great addition to any picnic and adored by adults and children alike. If it seems like just too much work to shop for all the ingredients you need and measure them out, a great option is to buy a small cupcake collection baking box.</a> Containing all the ingredients that you'll need, including the frosting. Homemade cupcakes will be the cherry on the cake at your next summer picnic.