Should I Use Cocoa Butter For Baking

Where to buy cocoa butter for baking

Creating family fun and comfort food in lockdown has led to a big upturn in baking. Inspiration from TV shows has also helped make this traditional pastime an interesting way to experiment with new flavours and designs. This has led to some frantic hunts for harder-to-find baking ingredients, such as cocoa butter.

First, let’s be clear that cocoa butter for baking is not the same thing as the cocoa butter you see in skincare products!

Cocoa butter is created by extracting the lush and delicious vegetable fat that is packed into cocoa beans. After roasting, the beans are stripped down and the cocoa butter is pressed out of them, while the rest of the bean is processed to become cocoa powder.

Anything connected with chocolate making is bound to be delicious, but did you also know that cocoa beans were considered to be powerful medicine by ancient civilisations, including Aztecs and Mayans?

The health benefits of cocoa butter include the fact that it is a vegan substitute for animal-based fats. It also comes packed with plant compounds and fatty acids that are believed to provide important physical benefits, hence why we also slap cocoa butter on our skin!

Also, it's so rich and luxurious you can use less cocoa butter in recipes than if you used alternative sources of fat, making the result much healthier.

Food grade cocoa butter is a brilliant ingredient if you want to make moist and morish chocolate-based cakes, brownies and some variations of fudge. It features in some of our family baking kits that make decadent treats.

Don’t hesitate to use it in non-chocolate themed cake and confectionery recipes though. Its cocoa flavour is discrete, making it ideal for traditional and vegan desserts of many kinds.

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